Bacon, according to my 10-year-old, is the answer to everything. EVERYTHING.


Me: “Why didn’t you get your worksheet done during class today?”


10-year-old: “Bacon”


The funny thing is, we don’t even eat that much bacon in our house. I buy it at the farmers market occasionally, and we do enjoy it, but it hasn’t become a staple of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert like it seems to have across much of our culture. But, my son has caught on to the fact that bacon has somehow gone from a nice accompaniment to pancakes to a pop-culture phenomenon — and he’s let me know he’d like to eat more of it.


He’s going to be disappointed to find out there is a worldwide bacon shortage being predicted. Time warns consumers to Start Hoarding Now: A Global Bacon Shortage is Coming. This bacon shortage seems to be what everyone is talking about, even the cashier this morning who helped my mom pick out a skirt for upcoming high school reunion. She told us she planned on filling her freezer with bacon now since it keeps for a long time.


MNN’s family blogger Jenn mentioned today on Facebook that one of her Girl Scouts was running around last night yelling, “They’re running out of bacon!” My friend Beth said that her teenage daughter saw a segment about the bacon situation on the “Today" show this morning and yelled, “Oh, no! We're going to have to eat that turkey bacon junk!"


Yes, even the children are panicking over the predicted bacon shortage that’s being blamed on the rising cost of pig feed. Pig farmers in Europe, where the shortage is predicted to begin, aren’t able to raise as many pigs.


So what can bacon lovers do about this terrifying announcement? I have two suggestions.


  1. Buy your bacon from local, humane pig farmers and be ready to pay a lot more than you do at the grocery store. You should pay a lot more than you do at the grocery store.
  2. Eat less bacon.

I know a lot of the panic over this is tongue-in-cheek. The hysteria on Twitter is mostly all in fun. If you search for the word bacon on Twitter, you’ll find your Twitter stream moving so quickly with new bacon tweets that you won’t be able to read a single one. Your friends on Facebook who are panicking are probably having a little fun, too.


It’s the children I’m worried about. They’ve got hard lessons to learn ahead: Supply and demand. You can’t always have what you want, exactly when you want it. Climate change is affecting our agriculture and that has far-reaching effects. Bacon can’t get you out of doing your school work.


Actually, wait a minute. I believe children are smart and resilient. This bacon shortage could open up some good discussions around the dinner table — while you’re eating turkey bacon BLTs.


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Bacon shortage has children in a panic
Bacon shortage has children in a panic. In between hoarding bacon and tweeting about your panic, think about the lessons that the upcoming bacon shortage may ho