Ben and Jerry’s has a new, responsible flavor - Chocolate Macadamia, or choc mac as they like to call it, a robustly fair trade flavor on a mission to create positive change through sourcing values led ingredients.

Ice cream lovers can enjoy this new flavor knowing that the farmers and their workers who contributed to this ice cream have been treated fairly. The macadamia nuts in this ice cream are sustainably sourced and the cocoa and vanilla are fair trade certified. The cocoa is from the Dominican Republic, the vanilla is from Uganda, and the macadamia nuts are from Malawi.  The milk used in the ice cream is from an rBGH free dairy from the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery in Ben & Jerry’s home state of Vermont.

In addition to this new flavor, Ben & Jerry’s is running a “Do the World a Flavor” contest for their next fair trade flavor.

Fans can enter their own funky flavor ideas using the ‘flavor generator’ on the company’s web site until the contest ends on May 26th, 2009. At the close of the global contest in June a lucky winner from each of the seventeen participating countries selling Ben & Jerry’s will be chosen to win a trip to the company’s Fair Trade cocoa cooperative in the Dominican Republic. On the trip, the grand prize winner and the winning flavor will be announced, and then appear on shelves as pints and in Scoop Shops in March 2010. 

I just gave it a whirl. I came up with Fair Trade Chocolate Caramel Praline Almond – don’t steal my flavor!

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Ben & Jerry's fair trade choc mac
Ben & Jerry make a responsible ice cream and want your help making the next one.