There are plenty of celebrities out there gushing about their recent transitions to vegetarian and vegan diets, but Ben Stiller certainly isn't one of them. 


The 46-year-old comedian went on "Conan" Friday evening to promote his new film "The Watch." When O'Brien asked him about his impressive running skills in the film, Stiller opened up about his recent lifestyle change. 


“I had to tell my parents I was a vegan, I came out to them,” he said to much laughter. “They were a little bit confused at first, but now they’re supportive.”


Stiller went on to correct himself — saying that he's not really vegan, but more of a pescatarian since he still enjoys eating fish. When Conan asked if he felt better because of the changes, Stiller replied (perhaps tongue-in-cheek?) that "he feels terrible, awful." 


"That's what vegans don't tell," he says. "That it's hard. Because you miss everything. I ate kale chips today. I wanted to have ribs, but I ate kale chips." 


Stiller's feelings on the diet come in sharp contrast to comments made by his wife, actress Christine Taylor, back in May. 


“It really has changed our energy level,” she told People magazine. “Sometimes you don’t realize it until someone says it to you, like, ‘Your skin looks amazing.’”


“We have friends that are vegan and their kids came out vegan,” she added. “I’m so jealous that they had the information and they started the kids early because now to go back, it’s a little harder.”


You can see Stiller's interview with Conan below: 


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