Yesterday’s 548th snow day off from school since the beginning of the year gave my youngest and me the chance to snuggle in bed in the morning and watch the season finale of PBS Masterpiece Mystery’s “Sherlock.” With only three episodes per season, and two years passing between the second and third seasons, we were a little bit sad when the ending credits came on.

Last night’s dinner conversation centered on the show’s star Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be everywhere these days. So, I wasn’t totally surprised, but I was delighted, when I saw this newly released "Sesame Street" video where the Muppet monster Murray (or Murrayarty, as he calls himself in the video) tries to get Benedict Sherlock deduce if there are more apples or oranges in front of them. They get a little help from everyone’s favorite vampire, The Count.

My boys are long past the age when "Sesame Street" is a part of their lives, but I still get a kick out of how the show can grab the attention of kids and adults with fun pieces like “Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sign of Four.” (If you’re not familiar with the original Sherlock Holmes novels, one of them is titled “The Sign of Four.”)

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Benedict Cumberbatch counts apples and oranges with The Count
If you’re already jonesing for more Benedict Cumberbatch since last weekend’s season finale of “Sherlock,” this Sesame Street video will give you a little fix.