Let the day-after discussions about the best Super Bowl commercials begin. I think there can be no argument that one of the best commercials of the evening came from Dodge Ram. In a two-minute beautifully photographed commercial, simply titled “Farmer,” the voice of the late Paul Harvey, who made a1978 speech at the Future Farmers of America Convention, is the backdrop for farmers doing what farmers do.  

I don’t know what happened in all the living rooms at all the Super Bowl parties across the country when this commercial aired, but I know what happened at my friends’ house: people got quiet. Halfway through the commercial, I noticed that everyone’s attention was on the television — both adults and kids.

The reaction on Twitter to the commercial was very positive. If you search for #godmadeafarmer, the discussion is still going on this morning.

Dodge Ram is raising up to $1 million to support the National FFA Organization (formerly known as Future Farmers of America). If you share the “Farmer” video from the Ram website on Twitter or Facebook, Dodge will donate $1 for each share, up to $1 million.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Best Super Bowl commercial: 'Farmer'
Dodge Ram Super Bowl 'Farmer' ad narrated by Paul Harvey was highlight of 2013 commercials.