California is considering a statewide ban on plastic bags. On Aug. 14, the California State Legislature will vote on the issue. The bill, which has already passed in the state Assembly, would ban grocery stores and large drug stores from giving out plastic bags. Customers would have to use their own bags or pay 5 cents for each recycled paper bag.

Two days before the vote, 100 citizen plastic bag monsters, led by ChicoBag inventor Andy Keller, will descend upon San Francisco at noon in Ghirardelli Square. The monsters will go on a one-hour march and end up back in the square where a press conference will be held to further the awareness of the tremendous impact that plastic bags have on the environment.

The monsters will be wearing one thing that people need to be aware of — 500 plastic bags each. 500 hundred is the average number of plastic bags a typical person uses in a year.

After the press conference, Keller will begin a bag monster tour of the country. He’ll hit 15 key cities that are considering implementing bag ban legislation. Keller will host and participate in events in each city.

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Beware of the bag monsters
If you’re in San Francisco on August 12th, be on the lookout for monsters.