I’m excited to be a part of a project that’s been brewing for a while and officially launched yesterday – Blog for Family Dinner. Between now and Oct. 24, 2011, Blog for Family Dinner, or #B4FD as it’s also known, will feature a guest post from a different blogger each day. Each post will focus on family dinner. I’m really looking forward to reading the wisdom that each person brings to the discussion.

I’ll be guest posting on Oct. 7, and I’m in good company. The founding partners of this project are Grace R. Freedman from EatDinner.org, Billy Mawhiney from Time at the Table, and Kathleen Cuneo from Kitchen Table Parents. The list of participating bloggers is impressive, too.


The project kicked off yesterday with a post titled Date Your Family at Dinner by Jane Delaney, founder of e-mealz. I love that in the first post of the project, there are these words.


Even on the not-so-best-of-nights, when the conversation is flat, or everyone is mute, grumpy, rushed and stressed. Even when all you have to serve is leftovers and the kids are complaining, it’s worth it. Even when one of the kids gets in trouble and is sent to their room (door slam) while the rest of the family finishes eating, it’s worth it.


If I waited for the perfect night or for all the stars to line up just right, dinner would never happen. If I waited for that effervescent feeling to rush over me every night at 5 o’clock to waltz into the kitchen to start cooking, uh, we would starve.


I love this because it’s the absolute truth. Family dinner may not always look like a big huge love fest, but even on the nights that it doesn’t, it is worth it.


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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Bloggers unite to spread the word about family dinner
The Blog For Family Dinner project brings together like-minded bloggers to educate others about the importance of family mealtime.