With all of the controversy surrounding BPA in recent years, it's no wonder that so many products are now being produced without it. But while BPA-free alternatives are available in water bottles, baby products, sippy cups, and even receipt paper, the canned food industry has been slow to embrace any alternative to the chemical. But that may all change with the big announcement that the Campbell's Soup Company will phase out BPA from all of its canned food products.


One reason that BPA has been so popular for use in canned food products is that it helps to prevent corrosion, helps the product withstand high heat during sterilization and increases shelf life. The current available alternatives are either less effective, more expensive or both.


But recent research has concluded that significant levels of BPA are found in canned soups and meals marketed to children, particularly in foods like Campbell's soups, which are frequently eaten by children. And with all of the health and safety concerns regarding BPA, its no wonder that Campbell's would want to be the first to offer an alternative.  


Campbell’s announcement is big news, although the company has not announced when the phase-out will begin or what the company plan to use instead of BPA. Many eco-groups are applauding the food-giant's decision but would like more details on the phase-out plan. For more details, check out The Breast Cancer Fund, where you can send an email to Campbell's praising the company's decision and/or asking for more details on the plan to phase out BPA.

Campbell's Soup to phase out BPA
Campbell's announces plans to phase out BPA from all its canned foods.