I’ve introduced you to the Vegetarian 100. I’ve introduced you to the Omnivore’s 100. There is one last foodie list floating around the web. It’s the Carnivore 100. Of all the lists, I scored the highest on this one, coming in 44 ½ (see No. 76 to see where the ½ comes from). The foods I’ve tried have been bolded.

What I’ve enjoyed about these lists is learning about foods I’ve never even heard of, but now want to try. From this list what gets my mouth watering is the Croque Monsieur – a French ham and cheese sandwich that is nothing like any ham and cheese I’ve ever had. Loose meat sounds like something my family would enjoy and something new to use up all the ground beef I stocked up on the last day of the farmers market.

I don’t see these lists as something to be conquered. I don't feel like I must try every one of these dishes before I’m 50 or something like that. They are just one entertaining way of educating me further about food. They are also a way to challenge me to make some new dishes.

How many of these foods have you tried?


1.  American-style bacon

2. Canadian bacon

3. Prosciutto with melon

4. Pork belly, braised

5. Pork butt, smoked

6. Pork ribs, smoked

7. Roasted leg of lamb with mint jelly

8. Gyros

9. Duck confit

10. Roasted chicken

11. Standing rib roast, rare

12. Chitlins

13. Cracklins

14. Boudin or blood sausage

15. Haggis

16. Peking duck

17. Roasted turkey with traditional American accompaniments

18. Roasted goose with traditional English accompaniments

19. Foie gras

20. Pate campagne

21. Moo Shu pork

22. Shepherd’s pie

23. Steak and Kidney pie

24. Chicken and dumplings

25. Turducken

26. Venison sausage

27. Pork cheeks

28. Pickled pigs’ feet

29. Barbacoa

30. Birria

31. Chicken Marbella

32. Steak tartare

33. Beef Bourguignon

34. Potatoes roasted in duck fat

35. Spam

36. Tandoori chicken

37. Lamb vindaloo

38. Spaghetti Bolognese

39. Cuban sandwich

40. Croque Monsieur

41. Philadelphia cheesesteak

42. Chicken Satay

43. Shabu-shabu

44. Teppanaki

45. Schwarma

46. Meatloaf (classic)

47. Beef Wellington

48. Beef tenderloin with béarnaise

49. Taco salad

50. Chili con carne

51. Pastisto

52. Corned beef brisket

53. Bangers and mash

54. Guinea pig

55. Ropa vieja

56. Wurst

57. Lamb tagine

58. Kosher hot dog (New York-style)

59. Jerk chicken

60. Chorizo

61. All-American hamburger

62. Pigeon/Squab

63. Steak frites

64. Pastrami

65. Salami

66. Sweetbreads

67. Wiener schnitzel

68. Goulash

69. Pho

70. Char siu bao

71. Kalua pig

72. Pork rinds

73. Scrapple or goetta

74. Jaegerspaetzle

75. Sauerbraten

76. Tongue sandwich (I’ll take half a point for this one, I’ve had tongue but not in a sandwich but I’ve got to get some credit for tongue!)

77. Baked ham

78. Frog legs

79. Alligator

80. Squirrel

81. Liver and onions

82. Bone marrow and marmalade

83. Cevapcici

84. Creamed beef on toast

85. Red-eye gravy

86. Head cheese

87. Jambalaya

88. Steak Diane

89. Veal piccata

90. Bulgogi

91. Smoked chicken

92. Beer can chicken

93. Chicken teriyaki

94. Coronation chicken (curried chicken salad)

95. Ostrich

96. Rogan josh

97. Poutine

98. Chicken mole

99. Irish beef stew

100. Loose meat 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Carnivore 100 - another foodie list
How many of the foods have you tried from the Carnivore 100 list?