If you don’t have the entire day to devote to Earth Day activities on April 22, you can still find a way to honor the day. Here are 10 ways that sustainable food lovers can do a little something:

  1. Commit to using or accepting no disposable food or beverage products for the day (yep – that means for your coffee, too).
  2. When you go into your local coffee shop, ask for their organic or fair trade option.
  3. Finally join the CSA you’ve been meaning to join, if it’s not full already.
  4. Cook a meal from as many local ingredients as you can find.
  5. Investigate your local Slow Food chapter and sign up for their newsletter. Better yet, join.
  6. Make a meal with leftover food in your refrigerator to make sure it doesn’t end up going to waste.
  7. If you’re eating out, find a restaurant that focuses on sustainable food. Local Harvest can help you find one or, if you’re in NYC, stop by il Buco for lunch.
  8. Go meatless for the day.
  9. Take your meatlessness up a notch and go vegan for the day – no meat or animal products in any form.
  10. Eat outdoors. Enjoy the earth that you’re working to improve. When you’re done, clean up after yourself and the perimeter around you – even if it’s not your mess.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Celebrate Earth Day the sustainable food way
Think you don't have time to do anything on Earth Day? Sure you do. Here are 10 ways sustainable food lovers can participate.