Aug. 15 was Julia Child’s birthday, and next month is the 100th anniversary of her birth. PBS is gearing up for the celebration with a wealth of information on its website including videos, quotes, memories of Julia from top chefs and bloggers, recipes and a challenge for home cooks.


From Aug. 5-15, the challenge is to pick a favorite Julia Child recipe and cook it — for yourself, for your friends or for your entire family.


By choosing a recipe, using fresh ingredients and enjoying your creation (even if it doesn’t come out perfectly), you are helping us honor the legacy of the chef who inspired a nation to be brave in the kitchen.



I love this challenge, and I’ll be pouring through my Julia Child cookbooks to decide what to make in August. I’m going to find one that uses lots of fresh, seasonal ingredients that I can get from the farmers market, and I’m going to cook up a storm.


If you want to celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday with PBS, you can follow and post on the PBS Food Facebook page, follow the #CookForJulia hashtag on Twitter, and follow the “Happy Birthday Julia Child” Pinterest board.


How will you be celebrating Julia's 100th?


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Celebrate Julia Child's 100th birthday with PBS
The iconic cook would have been 100 years old next month. PBS wants home cooks to celebrate her legacy by cooking.