I love how Chef A is using the same basic chicken breast recipe and showing us how to pair it with several different sauces. Two weeks ago with her basic chicken breasts she made a light, lemony chicken piccata. Last week, she made the delicious mushroom chicken that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed when I made it. This week, she's combining apricot preserves and fresh minced ginger to take those basic chicken breasts in a new direction. 

I think it would be a great, time-saving idea to buy a bunch of chicken breasts and saute up several meals-worth of her basic recipe. Then freeze the cooked chicken in several different batches, putting however many pieces of chicken you would need to make one meal in each batch. When you want a quick dish to make for dinner in the evening, pop a batch out of the freezer in the morning and thaw in the fridge. In the evening, re-heat the thawed chicken and make one of these delicious sauces to top it off.

Here's this week's sauce.

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Chef A's cooking up apricot chicken
Chicken in a creamy apricot and ginger sauce makes a satisfying, quick, weeknight meal.