The new Chef A video is up, and this week she's making warm, creamy butternut squash soup. It's a very easy recipe, and she takes all the guess work out of it by showing us how to cut up the butternut squash.

A little tip from me - the last step to this soup is pureeing it in a blender. When you puree very hot ingredients, don't fill the blender too full and don't let the steam build up too much inside. The results can get a bit explosive as I learned during a black bean soup fiasco last year.

Prep time: 20 minutes 

Total time:40 minutes


  • 1 sweet potato, diced
  • 3 cups butternut squash, diced
  • 1 cup white potato, diced
  • 1/2 cup minced onion
  • 3-4 cups chicken or vegetable stock
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
Cooking directions
  1. Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a large soup pot and add 1tbsp of olive oil
  2. Add the squash, sweet potato, white potato, onion and chicken (or vegetable) stock to the pot
  3. Bring the pot to a boil over medium to high heat
  4. Let the soup simmer on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes
  5. Add salt and pepper to the pot for seasoning
  6. Ladle batches of the soup into a blender and puree until smooth (make sure there is an equal amount of liquid and vegetables in the blender)
  7. Add a tablespoon of butter into the blender and puree for a few more seconds
  8. Pour the soup into a bowl and enjoy!
Okay, here is Chef A, who I'm sure has fewer kitchen mishaps than I have.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Chef A's making soup
Creamy, warm soup for a chilly night in less than 30 minutes.