Mario Batali. Cat Cora. Jacques Pépin. If you’re familiar with food television, you’re probably familiar with these celebrity chef names. If you’re familiar with the food movement, then you’re probably also familiar with Alice Waters, whom many consider the founder of the modern organic food movement.


Waters has rallied chefs like Batali, Cora and Pépin, along with more than 100 others to sign the Chefs for Prop 37 petition. She’s inviting chefs of the celebrity and non-celebrity variety to sign a petition that contains the following.


As chefs, we are on the frontlines of feeding America and we have an enormous stake in ensuring transparency in our food system. It is our duty to nourish our guests, both in body and soul. However, we can’t prepare the best food we know how when information about the ingredients we purchase is hidden from us with labels that are missing basic facts. This includes foods that are genetically engineered or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While Proposition 37 does not require restaurants to label their food as genetically engineered, it provides chefs the ability to knowingly source ingredients made without GMOs. 

As I explained earlier this month, we all need to stand with California on this issue because it could be the first step in labeling GMOs throughout the country. Even those of us who don’t live in California need to get involved and urge Californians to vote yes to the proposition. I’m not sure how many of you who read this blog are chefs, but if you are, please consider signing the petition.


If you’re not a chef, chances are you know one or two. Please let them know about the petition so they have the opportunity to look it over and consider signing it. Chances are that the big names associated with the petition will get it noticed, but having the weight of thousands of chefs’ signatures behind it will give it even more credence. 


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Chefs for Proposition 37
Alice Waters is asking those on the frontlines of feeding America to support the California proposition that would require GMO labeling on foods.