I don’t consider Yelp a reliable source for restaurant information. A lawsuit brought on last year by some of the voluntary reviewers revealed just how untrustworthy the reviews are. Reviewers admitted to writing dishonest reviews just to get perks. There's also the practice of reviewers that make it known they’ll be writing a review by plopping down a card that warns “I write reviews.” When that happens, they often get preferential treatment. The positive reviews written by these people don’t accurately reflect the average costumers experience.

I imagine that these review sites are a huge hassle for chefs and restaurant owners. It’s good to see that they can have a little fun with the negative ones, whether they’re warranted or not. At the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, some of the country's well-known chefs read their reviews out loud with smiles on their faces.

My favorite is the reviewer who said the Italian restaurant was “too heavily Italian.” Really? That’s something to complain about? Was the person hoping for tacos?

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Chefs have a sense of humor about their Yelp reviews
At the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, chefs were asked to read out loud bad Yelp reviews about their restaurants for a video.