Last fall, Chipotle ran the Scarecrow ad, a beautifully animated commercial about factory farming. One of the notable things about the ad was the absence of the mention of the fast-food chain with the "food with integrity" motto. The ad was meant to launch a conversation about real food as much as it was meant to sell burritos made with locally sourced ingredients.  

Now, Chipotle is moving from commercials to an original television show to continue its conversation-starting efforts. “Farmed and Dangerous” is a four-episode sitcom that will debut on Hulu on February 17. Like the Scarecrow ad, the sitcom will not directly mention anything about Chipotle, and according to New York Times, there are “no scenes at Chipotle restaurants or impromptu testimonials to its tacos or quesadillas.”

“Farmed and Dangerous,” billed by Hulu as a comedy – not a commerical - will feature cows that explode from the petroleum pills they are fed and eight-winged chickens. Neither of these is an actual issue in factory farming (at least not yet). But, like most sitcoms, the situations are exaggerated for effect, and factual information about real issues in factory farming like the use of antibiotics will be presented in the form of text on screen.

I haven’t seen an episode of the show yet, but I’ll be tuning in to the first episode on February 17 to see if it’s entertaining, informative or both. Will you?

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Chipotle hopes exploding cow sitcom educates about factory farming
Catch the trailer for “Farmed and Dangerous,” a sitcom from Chipotle that debuts next month on Hulu that satirizes industrial farming.