Couponing for CommunityLast night I came across the Couponing for Community Facebook page, an ambitious effort to have 10,000 items bought using coupons donated to charity. It’s particularly ambitious because the goal is to do it in one week – this week. From May 8-14 (yes, I know it’s already the 12th!), do-gooders are donating non-perishables that they’ve bought with coupons to all sorts of charities.

To make it very easy for people to donate, they’ve chosen this particular week because as I’ve already mentioned, this Saturday is Stamp Out Hunger. Postal carriers will pick up bags of donated items left by the mailbox. Those that want to donate don’t need to take their donations to a food pantry; the postal carrier will do that for them.

To track the number of items donated, couponers are posting the exact number of items they’ve donated on the Couponing for Community Facebook page.  Right now it looks as if about 7,000 items have been donated. Considering that Saturday could be a huge donation day, it looks as if the goal might be met.

It’s really amazing what some people are donating. You should read some of the comments on the Facebook page. There’s one photo of $180 worth of toothpaste, deodorant, over the counter medicines, and a few other items that the commenter said she got for free using coupons. In fact, she actually made a profit on some of it.

It’s most likely that someone who has the ability to do that is one of the new breed of extreme couponers. Unlike many of the extreme couponers that have been featured on television lately, though, she’s choosing to not hoard her deals but donate them to others less fortunate. This is a type of extreme couponing I could get behind.

If you’re participating in Stamp Out Hunger, have you used coupons to purchase some of the items your donating, or have you used coupons at other times to help bulk up the amount you can donate?  

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Couponing for Community
Not all coupon fanatics stockpile their bargains. A community of couponers is rising up to unite saving and giving by donating the fabulous deals they get to th