This morning my Facebook page was all abuzz with opinions about last night’s Grammy Awards. The tribute to Whitney Houston, a less-than-stellar performance by Paul McCartney that was redeemed by a group performance he participated in at the end, and a shining night for Adele were all mentioned several times. There was something else that was getting a lot of buzz from my foodie and environmental friends, though. It was a commercial. Watch:



The Chipotle Mexican Grill commercial “Back to the Start” with Willie Nelson singing Coldplay’s “The Scientist” ran in its entirety during a commercial break that immediately followed a performance on the awards show by Coldplay.


An interesting conversation is taking place on the Chipotle Facebook page about the commercial. Many people are simply praising the commercial, but others are asking questions. They want to know why Chipotle feels the need to be disrespectful to the American farmer. Others feel Chipotle is still being cruel to animals because even if the animals are raised in a humane manner, they still kill them for food. Still others feel Chipotle isn’t going far enough because the company doesn't use organic meat. It’s quite a variety of differing opinions.


Did you catch the commercial last night on the Grammy Awards? What are your thoughts?

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Did you catch the Chipotle commercial during the Grammy Awards?
One of the most talked-about songs from the 2012 Grammy Awards was from a Chipotle commercial that educated viewers about sustainable farming.