Several months ago, I shared a beautiful video that the restaurant, Bamboo Sushi, had released. This restaurant is the first certified sustainable restaurant of its kind. They serve a variety of “safe” seafood, that is, seafood that has high populations and is low in toxins. I was really excited about the restaurant because I love sushi and so does my family, but I don’t always appreciate sushi restaurants that serve a high amount of endangered or low-quality seafood.

Well, last week, we ducked in to the restaurant for “second dinner” hobbit-style when we found ourselves a bit hungry after a light dinner at home. The restaurant was buzzing with people, but we were able to get seated quickly, which was nice considering we had brought along two slightly fussy children. The interior is decorated with clean and modern lines, and the lights are kept fairly low.

After being seated, we were brought some steamed edamame (soybeans), which were salted and peppered. Look how beautiful they are in the picture above! I love that they give these out like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant to munch on while you decide what to order. (They were delicious too.) Water was served with cucumber slices floating in it, which gave a clean, fresh flavor to the water that I found refreshing.

The menu is full of information about seafood safety, like Kidsafe Seafood and information on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Guide. Their specialty sushi were actually appealing — whereas at many sushi bars I find their more complex sushi offerings to be overdone and unappealing. In fact, I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their sushi.

For this first visit, we tried their tempura, which they offer gluten- and egg-free. It came with a flavorful and sweet dipping sauce. Delicious!

Bamboo Sushi tempura

We ordered some vegetable sushi (which my daughter loves) and then we tried one of their salmon asparagus sushi rolls, which was also great. I was able to enjoy it so much knowing that it wasn’t some farmed salmon sadness.

Bamboo sushi

This restaurant could be just about perfect for us. My one complaint? I wish they served organic or non-GMO soybean products. We love soy sauce, but soybeans are generally genetically modified unless organic or otherwise specified. If this restaurant took a stand against GMO’s, I’d really be happy.
Dinner at Bamboo Sushi: The world's first sustainable sushi restaurant
I loved our first dining experience at this Portland, Ore., restaurant — with one caveat.