Happy Friday! It’s been a long week. For me, it’s been the first week of summer vacation for my boys, and there have been some adjustments to make. As they get older and I take on more hours writing, they need to take on more responsibilities around the house in the summer. It’s not easy for them to embrace this concept.


I could spend my weekend whining about this to my friends, who would completely understand, but whining about my boys, or the heat, or the even the presidential race won’t make for very interesting conversation. Some of the following articles and blog posts might be good to bring up, though. It’s always good to have some stuff tucked away as conversation starters.


  • Have we done ourselves a disfavor by making all of our food, and all of our lives, squeaky clean? The New York Times tackles that question and asks if getting rid of dirt and germs has led to a “set of truly human-made diseases.” The argument makes some sense to me. Our immune systems don’t get the chance to build up immunities because they don’t get exposed to dirt and germs.
  • Poor Man’s Feast, this year’s James Beard Award winner for Best Food Blog, rants about the poor quality of food available when you’re traveling across country. He sarcastically comments that the food you eat when you’re traveling from point A to point B doesn’t matter. “While you’re on the road, your blood cholesterol automatically plummets to that of an infant born to vegan parents in south Asia.” As someone who is going to be on the road a lot this summer, I’m taking note.
  • Glass bottles are making a comeback, according to another New York Times piece. Consumers are getting a little concerned about the health effects of plastic so they’re starting to embrace glass. Glass isn’t going to overtake plastic anytime soon, but it’s slowly gaining popularity.
  • The Chicago Tribune celebrates America’s first foodie and respected food memoir writer, M.F.K. Fisher. She’s worth celebrating.

Enjoy your weekend!


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Dirt on your food is not such a bad thing, and other things to discuss with friends
Venture beyond the heat and politics when talking to your friends this weekend. Start a conversation about the quality of road trip food or the resurgence of gl