One of the negatives I’ve heard over and over again about drinking coffee is the dehydrating effect it can have. And I have to say that when I first started drinking coffee a couple years ago, I definitely noticed that I felt dehydrated after drinking coffee, and got in the habit of drinking water soon afterwards because of it.

But it turns out that your body, being the adaptable miracle that is, can actually adjust to coffee when consumed regularly, and it will no longer have a diuretic effect. This is an interesting feat of the body, and explains how some people can survive while drinking coffee for much of their liquid needs.

In one study, 50 men who previous to the study had the habit of drinking three to six cups of coffee a day, went through two stages of trials. In the first part of the study, they were given coffee to drink (with controlled caffeine amounts). In the second part of the study they were given water. During both parts of the study, any other factors that could also influence their hydration levels were monitored. It turns out that markers of hydration were the same for both parts of the study. In other words, coffee was just as hydrating as water for them. 

I found out to my surprise that it has been long known by scientists that the body has the ability to adapt to coffee, but that information has taken a lot longer to get out to the masses. It’s certainly helpful information to know!

There remains some controversy still over coffee drinking, with concerns over its somewhat addicting properties, and the fact that it can make a lot of people jittery or affect their sleep, yet there are also many studies showing many health benefits to it. Possible benefits include everything from keeping liver disease at bay, helping you live longer, and even helping prevent diabetes and cancer, to point out just a few.  Like every other food item, whether or not coffee seems like a good fit for you is highly personal, and for some like Starre, coffee drinking is not worth it, despite the studies showing benefits.

What about you? Are you a coffee drinker?

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