The White House is joining the ranks of Chipotle, which created the humorous television series “Farmed and Dangerous” to educate about factory farming, and the Only Organic organization, which has created the “False Advertising Agency” videos to educate about the difference between natural and organic labeling of foods.

Sam Kass, White House assistant chef and executive director of Let’s Move!, stars in a video produced by Super Sprowtz, a program that teaches kids about healthy eating through veggie puppets, in this “White House Chef Feeds the Family Super Powers” video.

The video is cute, and as a member of the media I appreciate the humor of the press trying to find controversy where there is none instead of seeing the real story — that super powers grow in a garden. As a mom whose kids loved the funny, singing vegetables from "Veggie Tales" when they were little, I know that personified veggies can be effective teaching tools. Maybe kids will embrace the Super Sprowtz singing and dancing vegetables and learn about healthy eating. 

Super Sprowtz is touring the country this year (without Kass) with live shows targeted to preschool and elementary school children.

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Does Sam Kass feed President Obama super powers?
The White House and Super Sprowtz join the recent trend of teaching about real food through humorous videos.