The raisins in your kid’s school lunch just might be stolen property. At least that’s what one California raisin grower is asserting. Marvin Horne has taken the argument that it’s wrong for the government to confiscate a portion of his raisins each year — even if they are doing it to regulate U.S. raisin prices — all the way to the Supreme Court.

“The Daily Show” covered the story the way only that show can. Watch and you’ll get a few laughs and a bit of an education about the Raisin Administrative Committee, which decides how much of the raisin crop will be collected from raisin growers each year.

According to the LA Times, the confiscated raisins “are doled out for use in federal school lunches or sold at below-market prices overseas.” Growers are usually not compensated for the raisins that are taken, and that can sometimes amount to as much as half of their crop.

This is fascinating. Horne and some other growers are hoping the courts will outlaw the taking of their raisins. If it gets outlawed, the price of raisins will drop. Consumers won’t mind, but raisin growers will make a lot less money, including Horne. If he wins in court, will he end up making less money?

And who knew (outside of the raisin growers, of course) that the government did this?

Do you think the government should be taking a portion of the raisins grown to regulate prices, or is this a violation of the Fifth Amendment because the growers aren’t compensated?

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Does the government steal raisins from growers?
To keep the price of raisins high, the government confiscates a portion of raisin growers' crops without compensation.