When you take a look at the amount of trash we generate here America, it’s downright scary. Kirby Built put all the alarming statistics in an infographic so we can really see the impact of our trash. I bet this is how the world in “Wall-E” came about.

10 Reasons Youll Be Buried Alive

Is anyone else horrified by the fact that we throw away 25 million plastic bottles, every hour! That’s insane.

The solution offered at the bottom of the infographic is recycling, and it is one of the solutions to our trash problem. But, today on Earth Day, I want to remind you that recycle comes at the end of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We need to reduce the amount of things we consume to begin with. We need to reuse things if possible instead of sending them for recycling or to the trash. And finally, what can be recycled should be recycled.

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Don’t get buried alive by trash
An alarming infographic illustrates 10 reasons why Americans are in danger of being buried alive by the waste we produce.