Love matcha tea so much that you wish you could eat it, too? Then pick up a Matcha Bar from Earthling Organics. This raw, organic snack bar will give you that green matcha taste — melded with a delicious coconut flavor and sweetened with raw agave nectar.

The result: A nice crunchy bar that’s as decadent as a buttery biscuit but without any of the refined flours and animal fats. Made with just a handful of recognizable ingredients, this Matcha Bar is made for the health foodie who likes her sweet snacks kicked up a notch with superfoods like chlorella.

I discovered these tea treats at Natural Products Expo West earlier this year — and am now eager to try Earthling Organics' entire line. The company also makes a Goji Bar, Yogi Bar and Rawnola Bars, as well as breakfast-friendly Rawnola — all of them raw and organic.

Find them at Whole Foods, or online at Zebra Organics, where Macha Bars are currently on sale for $2.49 each.