Want your organic tomatoes pre-crushed — but don’t want to buy them in a BPA-tainted can? Eden Foods can help. Earlier this month, the organic food company launched glass-packed versions of its crushed tomatoes and tomato sauces.

Health-conscious MNN readers already know that if you’re opting for organic veggies to avoid the health risks of pesticides, you should do yourself a favor and avoid canned veggies too to avoid the health risks of BPA, a chemical linked to everything from cancer to sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, BPA’s found in a whole bunch of consumer products — including the lining of most cans.

And even green companies like Eden Foods have had a tough time getting BPA out of their packaging. Though the company switched to BPA-free cans for many of their canned vegetable products — despite the fact that the cleaner cans cost 14 percent more — Eden Foods’ tomato products remained in BPA-tainted cans until this month. Why? According to Reuters, “the FDA hasn’t signed off on any other types of can linings for acidic foods.”

Now Eden Foods has resolved that problem — by thinking outside the can. According to the company’s press release, the desire to get the BPA out of their food, in conjunction with the lack of availability of BPA-free can options, prompted the company to debut the new glass jar packaging.

Organic tomato lovers can get six Eden’s Foods products — Organic Spaghetti Sauce, No Salt Spaghetti Sauce, Pizza Pasta Sauce, Crushed Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes with Sweet Basil, and Crushed Tomatoes with Roasted Onion & Garlic — in 14 and 25 ounce glass jars.

You’ll be able to easily spot Eden Foods’ jars on supermarket shelves, because they’ll be the only jars of tomatoes that are amber-colored — to prevent light from causing “discoloration and off-flavor through chemical change in food,” according to the company.

The news doesn’t mean Eden Foods has gone entirely BPA-free. For one thing, the glass jars’ lids contain BPA, as most lids to. However, Treehugger reports that Eden Foods’ lids have a second, protective layer on top of the BPA layer, so as to keep the food away from the BPA as much as possible.

In addition, Edens Foods still offers canned versions of the crushed tomatoes and sauces. And Edens Foods’ diced and whole tomatoes are still only available as canned versions. I applaud Eden Foods for its efforts to get as much BPA away from its foods as possible — The company is way ahead of the curve and pushing the envelope when it comes to green food packaging. But for now, going completely BPA-free remains an ongoing challenge even for green companies like Eden Foods.

Eden Foods gets more BPA out
Good news for BPA avoiders: Eden Foods debuts amber glass jar packaging for its popular crushed tomatoes and sauces.