"Bones" star Emily Deschanel has once again teamed with PETA to promote a vegan diet - this time, narrating a new PSA that shows the behind-the-scenes cruelty of the dairy industry. 

"As a mother, I experience the joy of raising my son every day. But not all moms are so lucky," says Deschanel in the video. "Mother cows on dairy farms have their young traumatically torn away from them shortly after birth so that the milk meant for their calves can be sold to people instead."

As PETA explains, many male calves end up in veal crates, barely able to move, and slaughtered only 20 weeks into their lives. Female calves end up following a similar fate to their mothers - "hooked up to milking machines, genetically manipulated, and often drugged" to produce massive quantities of milk. 

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Deschanel also touches upon "dehorning" - the same extremely painful procedure that actor Ryan Gosling urged the National Milk Producers Federation to phase out last month. 

"The best way to help cows abused by the dairy industry and keep your family healthy is to stock your fridge with delicious vegan foods," concludes Deschanel. "Please join me in standing up for all mothers by refusing to support the cruel dairy industry."

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Emily Deschanel says go vegan this Mother's Day
Actress urges people to drop dairy in new video for PETA highlighting the cruel separation of mother cows from their calves.