Pizza lovers everywhere: Get ready to enjoy your pie topped with faux cheese this Saturday. Jan. 29 has been declared the first annual Vegan Pizza Day by fans of vegan pizza — and events around the country will let you enjoy animal product-free versions of this comfort food with fellow pizza lovers.

So far, four cities have Vegan Pizza Day events planned. In L.A., Los Angeles Vegan Drinks members will be meeting up at Masa of Echo Park for a dinner of vegan deep dish pizza and vegan Firestone beers. Indy vegans will head over to WB PIZZA, Milwaukee residents will meet up at Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe, and Portlandians at a yet-undecided spot — perhaps the veg-friendly city has so many vegan pie joints that the residents can’t come to a vegan consensus!

In addition to those events, a couple of pizza chains are offering vegan pizza discounts on Saturday. The Hollywood and Santa Monica locations of the organic pizza franchise Pizza Fusion will offer 10 percent discount on vegan pizza and all other vegan items, including brownies, sorbet, beer and wine. And some zpizza locations will be serving slices of vegan pizza; check with your local restaurant to see if it will be participating.

Honestly, I’ve yet to find a vegan cheese I’m in love with, but I do love cheese-free vegan pizzas topped with farmers market veggies! How do you like your vegan pizza?

Enjoy Vegan Pizza Day on Saturday
Jan. 29 is the first annual Vegan Pizza Day! Share a meal with vegan friends at a local event, or enjoy vegan food discounts and deals.