It is so annoying to have something in your cupboard that you never, ever get around to using. Not wanting to contribute to the massive amount of food waste in this country, you keep the item. But you never use it as you simply don't know what to do with it. 

Well, NPR has a very creative Tumblr page, Cook Your Cupboard, that may help. People are sharing photos of random items in their cupboard that they need help figuring out how to use. It is showing everything from home canned seafood, to mysterious Asian jarred foods, to vegetarian haggis.

NPR says this about the page, "Confounded in the kitchen? With a little help, your strange and surplus food could be dinner! Submit a photo of what's stumping you — or leave comments to help someone else out. We'll ask chefs about our favorites on NPR's 'Morning Edition'."

I love this idea! Not only is it fun to see the often random food items people have, but it could prove to be helpful as well. It should be entertaining to listen in to the chefs' solutions for everyone's pantry woes. It has been interesting (and often amusing) reading the comments under each photo. 

One person posted a picture of candy corn. He got the response of the obvious, "Just eat it!" to "Mix them with salted cocktail peanuts and eat as a snack. Amazing." Another commented, "Grind in a food processor and combine with spiced peanuts, top ice cream with chocolate and the corn peanut mix." 

I was with the first commenter who suggested just eating the candy, but it turns out there are more creative ways to use it!

One of my favorite comments was under a photo of a red onion, an apple, and a bag of dried plums. Jeremiah suggests in a comment, "Caramelize the onions over low heat, add diced and peeled apple after the onions have browned. Add 1 Tbsp butter and cook 2 minutes. Add minced dry plums, 1/2 cup red wine, and 2 Tbsp sugar. Cook until thickened and you will have a great apple-onion jam with figs to serve on crostinis or with warm cheese." 

Not only does that sound delicious, but it is a good example of what a great idea this Tumblr account is. So, if you have any random pantry item that you don't know what to do with, why not take a picture of it and post it over there and see what happens? 

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Expert help from Cook Your Cupboard
Did you ever have an item (or two) in your pantry that you couldn't figure out how to use? NPR might have the answer for you.