How much do you spend for food each month for your family?  Would you be shocked to learn that according to this infographic from Visual Economics, the average family of four spends $1455 per month on food?!?  I certainly was!  

It all starts to make sense when you see that 40 percent of the average family's food budget is spent eating out.  Those Happy Meals and pizzas certainly do add up.  Still, that means that families are spending $1025 each month on groceries.  And how much of that food actually makes it to the plate instead of into the trash can?  Even if your food waste is 25 percent (which is less than the estimated 30 percent,) that's still $400 per month that you might be throwing away.

This infographic has some good, visual tips for minimizing waste and saving tons of money each month on your family's food bill.  I particularly like the suggestion to regrow scallions and other similar vegetables right on your windowsill.  What an easy way to save money and always make sure you have plenty of green onions on hand!

What are your favorite tips for saving money on your monthly food budget?

Feed your whole family for $200/month
Check out this infographic for tips on shaving hundreds per month off of your food bill.