For the past few years I’ve encouraged you all to vote for your favorite farmers market in American Farmland Trust’s Favorite Farmers Market contest. It’s a great way to show your support for your local farmers markets and the farmers and producers that sell there.


This year’s contest is underway, and you can vote for your favorite farmers market from now until August 31 in one of four size categories. Two years ago, my favorite farmers market, The Collingswood Farmers Market, won in the small market category, and it was a big boon to the market. Not only was there a great sense of pride, a lot of media attention was given to the market, and more people learned about it. So I encourage you to go vote for your favorite market right now.

I also follow American Farmland Trust on Facebook. Not only am I able to keep up with news from the organization, they also post links to other pieces and websites that deal with the things they support – keeping our farms and ranches sustainable and productive.

I’m increasingly finding my Facebook feed to be a great source of information. In addition to my friends that I’m connected with, I “like” many sustainable/environmental organizations. When these organizations post something to their Facebook page, it shows up in my feed. It’s a much less overwhelming way for me to receive information than an RSS feed of blog posts. In fact, many of the blogs I used to follow in my RSS feed, I’ve deleted from there and started following the Facebook pages of the blogs.

What are some of your favorite Facebook pages you follow that keep you up to date on sustainable and environmental information?

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