At the end of last year, I wrote a review of the Conscious Box, a monthly service that delivers a small box filled with assorted environmentally themed products for $19/month ($12 + $7 shipping). My initial take on the Conscious Box was that it was a good service but needed to include some healthy discounts on the products packed in the box to really be worth the money. I spoke with Jameson Morris, founder of Conscious Box, about that issue and he told me that it was something he was already working on. He asked me to give the service another look and I was sent their January box a couple of weeks ago.


The box sat on my desk for a week before I took some time to open it up. I was happy with what I found. It looks like Jameson and his team have fine-tuned their offering into something you can feel good about spending $19/month on. Not only is the January Conscious Box packed thick with products like organic energy bars and chocolates (Sacred Chocolate MYLK is amazing), Yerba Mate tea, and fair trade coconut oil, but it also arrived with a stack of small cards offering special discounts for Conscious Box customers — 10 percent, 20 percent, even a couple of 30 percent-off deals.


The Conscious Box is a product discovery service. It's great for finding environmentally friendly products and companies that you might not otherwise come across. For that to really work, you need exposure to lots of brands and products and some incentive to buy more of the things you like. With the strong inclusion of discounts into the mix (more discounts!), Conscious Box now has the basic formula down.


Swing over to Conscious Box to learn more and to sign up for the monthly service yourself.



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Follow-up review: The Conscious Box
The Conscious Box upgrades its monthly greener-products discovery service with customer discounts.