Two days ago, I was sitting at the community pool with my best friend since I was five years old whining like a kid about the last day of summer vacation. Yesterday, I reluctantly sent my kids off to school. Today, my attitude is turning toward acceptance of the change of season, and I’m thinking about all the dishes I’ll be cooking in the upcoming weeks that I haven’t cooked since early spring.


I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the recipes we have here on MNN that can be made throughout the upcoming weeks. Some of them are recipes that I’ve shared with you before. Some of them are recipes that you might not have come across before, and I wanted to bring them to your attention. All of them look delicious.


Minestrone Soup – One of my favorite dishes to make once fall hits. This can be made on the stovetop or in the slow cooker.


Chicken Renaudiere – You’ll still be able to find the mushrooms and fresh herbs needed for this creamy chicken dish at the farmers market throughout the fall.


Pan Fried Pasta with Pesto and Ricotta – Grab the rest of the basil out of your garden before it’s done for the season, make some pesto, and create this quick dish with some leftover pasta.


Potage – Keep this winter vegetable soup in mind when all that’s left at the farmers market is the root vegetables.


Perfect Roast Chicken – You can’t go wrong with a good roast chicken on a cool night.


Daube of Beef – Slow cooked in the oven at a low temperature, this Provencal stew will make the house smell amazing for hours.


Potato and Leek Soup – Two easy to find fall vegetables get pureed together in this creamy soup and topped with chopped chives. Make a big pot and heat up leftovers for a quick weeknight meal.


What are you most looking forward to cooking as the weather turns cooler that you haven’t cooked in months? 


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