I worked my way through all the back episodes of the Alton Browncast right about the time he took a break from recording them. During the dry spell (which will end this Friday, according to Brown’s Twitter feed), I searched for other food podcasts. I discovered several that are all from the same source, Heritage Radio Network. I have yet to really dig deep and find out all this network has to offer, but what I’ve discovered so far has been educational and entertaining.

  • Radio Cherry Bombe – From the makers of Cherry Bombe magazine, this podcast has conversations with some of “the most interesting women in the world of food. Join host Julia Turshen each week as she engages with chefs, farmers, photographers, cookbook editors, entrepreneurs, icons and others to discover their stories and what inspires, excites and influences them.”
    Why I like it: Inspired women talking about following their passions. It inspires me.
  • Taste Matters - Host Mitchell Davis, vice president of the James Beard Foundation, takes listeners on “a journey of exploration of the sense, the cultural construct, and the culinary phenomenon of taste.”
    Why I like it: Interviews with food journalists (again – inspiration for me), chefs, and discussions about what’s going on in the world of food, let me dig a little deeper into some topics.
  • Eat Your Words – Cathy Erway, author of “The Art of Eating In,” is joined by authors of books that you just want to eat up -- from colorful cookbooks to food memoirs to exposes on the food industry, it's all meaty topic for discussion.”
    Why I like it: It marries two of my favorite things – books and food (and books about food).
  • The Speakeasy - Host Damon Boelte discusses “cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, tea, coffee and all things in the liquid universe, with guests ranging from bartenders and brewers, alchemists and ambassadors, roasters and regulars, and every expert and enthusiast in between. Learn from some of the world's leading experts in mixology, bar history, distillation and brewing about how we enjoy imbibing today.”
    Why I like it: It’s helping me learn more about creating cocktails, something I’m really interested in. Plus, you know, it’s about booze.
The food geek in me is thrilled to have discovered these podcasts, but I’m always looking for more. Any other food podcasts you can recommend, even if they don’t come from Heritage Radio Network?

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Food geeks: Tune into Heritage Radio's podcasts
The radio network turns many of its shows into podcasts, and food lovers will find them educational and entertaining.