The email from Jamie Oliver came into my inbox about 10:30 announcing the debut of the Food Revolution Day song

The utterly brilliant Ed Sheeran has written us a Food Revolution Say song! Incredibly talented artists on the music track include Sir Paul McCartney, Alesha Dixon, Jazzie B, Professor Green, Jamie Cullum, George The Poet, Us The Duo, Che'nelle, DJ MK, Mr Hudson, The London Youth Choir and Hugh Jackman!
I must admit I can't match all those names up with all the faces in the video, but after the first few listens, I think the song may catch on. I'm of the "We are the World" and Band Aid's "Do They Know it's Christmas" generation, and it would be great to see another pop song bring awareness about an important issue to the masses. 

The issue in this case is compulsory cooking education for children all around the world so they can learn to eat real, healthy food and take control of their health. 

The petition that the musicians are urging everyone to sign in the song is at Oliver was originally looking to get 1 million signatures, but it has soared past that number in the past couple of days. He's now looking for 1.5 million people to let world leaders know we want this important change in our children's education.

So come on everybody, sign the petition. I did.

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Food Revolution Day song: Sheeran sings, Jackman raps
Check out Jamie Oliver's celebrity packed song and video that debuts today featuring Paul McCartney, Hugh Jackman and Ed Sheeran.