You’ve heard me rave about my experiences with Philly Swappers in the past. Philly Swappers is part of the food swapping movement that is becoming increasingly popular, and that movement found a home base this year with the launch of The Food Swap Network.

Founded by Kate Payne, author of “The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking” and Emily Ho of Sustainable Foodworks, the network aims to “spread the swap love across the US, Canada, and abroad by answering new hosts’ questions, describing food swapping to the media, and building communities around food.”

In an effort to keep the network and its website running, The Food Swap Network has been holding a fall fundraiser that will be wrapping up in just a few days at the end of the year. They’re asking people who are involved in swaps or who would like to get involved in swaps to “support the creation of the network site and keep it running for five years” with a small contribution. Donations can be made through PayPal.

If you’re not connected with a food swapping group in your area but you’d like to be, the Food Swap Network can help you find a swap.

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Food swapping movement needs your support
The Food Swap Network is holding a fall fundraiser.