In addition to food podcasts, there are a few other things I listen to regularly. One of my favorites is Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, NPR’s weekly current events quiz that’s laugh-out-loud funny. A weekly feature on the show is Bluff the Listener. The three guests on the show, usually comedians, each have strange news items that they read with embellishment, and only one of them is true. The listener has to guess which one is a real news item.

Usually, I can guess which one is true. This week, I was stumped. The three possible stories – one about a service that delivers airline food to homes, the second about a pet delivery service that has a larger animal deliver a smaller animal, and a third about artisanal toilet paper – all seemed over the top. 

Would you think any of those delivery services was a real one? One of them was real, and the listener guessed it correctly.

Yes, there is a home delivery service for airline meals. This is not a joke. It’s called Air Food One, but don’t get too excited about getting a flavorless, re-heated vegetarian lasagna, a soggy roll, and a thimble-sized salad delivered to your door any time soon. It’s only available in Germany. A German grocery store is teaming up with the company that makes the meals for Lufthansa to deliver weekly meals that are “business-class quality.”

Perhaps these meals won’t be horrible, since some of the conditions that make airline food taste so bad aren’t in the home. Researchers have found that the noise on an airplane draws your attention away from how the food tastes. Also, the combination of air pressure and low humidity on a plane alters a person’s ability to taste. So, there’s a chance the meals will taste better when served on the ground.

Still, why? Why would anyone have airline food delivered to the home? With so many other options (I assume Germany has pizza delivery, Chinese food delivery or better yet, home cooking), what could be the appeal to spend $12-$13 a meal to eat the same food that Lufthansa flyers are eating?

Have you ever had an airline meal so good that you would choose to have it delivered to your home?

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It's not a joke. Germany now has a home delivery service that brings "business-class quality" airline meals right to the front door. Why?