A few weeks ago I gave tips on how to be more eco-friendly with your aluminum foil. You know - use less, reuse it, recycle it... One of the tips was to buy aluminum foil made from recycled aluminum.

Today, and today only - Earth Day 2009, Reynolds Wrap has a rebate coupon for their recycled aluminum foil on their website. You can sign up on their website and you will be able to print a rebate coupon that can only be used once. The coupon must be used by May 4, 2009 and the rebate coupon must be mailed in May 30, 2009. You also must be able to print the coupon immediately when you sign up - meaning your computer needs to be hooked up to a printer.

Image: reynoldsrecycled.com

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Free 100% recycled aluminum foil
Reynolds Wrap has a rebate coupon on their website for their recycled aluminum foil.