I’ve had my Kindle since March, but I’m just starting to really commit to eBooks. I’m a bibliophile, and I still love paper books, but I’ve also been trying to simplify things around our house. We’ve lived here almost 15 years, and we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Before we started purging, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had more than 1,000 books in the house, probably more.


Now, if I’m going to bring a paper book in the house (except for one I’m sent to review), it needs to be a very special one. I spent some time this week discovering some blogs that inform readers about what eBooks are available for Kindle for free, including cookbooks and home improvement books. Sometimes books on Kindle are free for a short time only, so these blogs are a great source for catching the free options.


  • Free Books Blog – This blog covers more than just Kindle books, but it has a special section for free Kindle books.         
  • Pixel of Ink – Dedicated free and bargain Kindle books, this blog posts several times a day with new finds.
  • Ereader News Today – Another site dedicated to free and bargain Kindle books.
  • Blog Kindle – Notifies readers of bargains and daily deals, and also discusses the Kindle itself with reviews of different models and accessories.

Do you have any sources that notify you of free and bargain Kindle books? Tell us about them in the comments; I’m still looking for more.


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Free and inexpensive Kindle eBook blogs
It's hard to sift through all the free cookbooks, home improvement and other books that Amazon offers for the Kindle for free - especially when many of them are