I love traditional food, like the homemade stew pictured above, or a roasted chicken or pot roast served with a large green salad, and rice. I am thankful for the influence Sally Fallon has had on my life through her book, Nourishing Traditions, and her nonprofit organization, The Weston A Price Foundation. 


Through her work, and others, I've learned about the benefits of eating a more traditional diet that leans on the diets of healthy people groups from the past. Eating this way has made so much sense to me, and has felt so right. Before I got married, I was definitely in the "low-fat food, boneless, skinless chicken breast and lentil group" of health food eaters. My mother-in-law gave me "Nourishing Traditions" as a shower gift, and I discovered a wonderful, gourmet world of "health" food. I still eat chicken and lentils! But I became unafraid of good fats, learned how to properly prepare grains and legumes, and was inspired to eat grassfed meat. 


Hers has been a tasty influence! 


If you are intrigued with this idea, the ebook "Healthy 4 Life" will explain the overarching principles of traditional eating, plus put some wonderful recipes in your hands to get you started. Because it's free, it's also a wonderful resource to share with others. To learn more about the ebook, or to download it, go here

Free ebook: Healthy 4 Life
This free ebook is full of alternative nutritional guidelines and recipes based on a traditional diet.