It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.

The self-sufficient Anais Dervaes from Little Homestead in the City shows us how to make strawberry preserves using only woman power and sun power. No alternative energy sources required.

With temperatures skyrocketing into the 90’s and strawberries ripening faster than we can eat ‘em.  Guess what? It was jamming time.

My favorite foodie Alice Waters has this simple sun dried strawberry preserve recipe.

I modified her technique a bit.  Instead of slicing I used my hand cranked food processor to chop the strawberries into small chunks.  Also in lieu of letting the concoction sit in the sun for a few days I put the preserves in our three solar ovens and within a few hours - voila,  sun cooked strawberry preserves to die!

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Greenbiz reports that the city of Ghent, Belgium is looking to decrease its carbon footprint by 18% one day each week. Their method for doing this? Going meatless.

It's the sort of event that must make PETA proud: The city of Ghent, Belgium, has just started its first "Veggie Day," encouraging the city's residents and restaurants to go meat-free one day a week, for the sake of the planet.
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Are you attending Bonnaroo this June in Tennessee? The festival organizers are teaming up with Conscious Alliance for the 6th Annual Bonnaroo Festival Food Drive. They hope to collect 10,000 pounds of food from festival-goers, and organic food donations are especially encouraged.


Do you have what it takes to be an “Organic Idol?” Organic Institute is holding a YouTube contest to find their spokesperson.

The Organic Institute is looking for its first-ever consumer ambassador to serve as a spokesperson for all those who are passionate about organic agriculture and products. All we need is a 30-second audition video from you making your pitch.
Deadline is May 31st. For complete rules, click here.

Image: Matt Callow

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.