It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.

It might be healthier for you to take your child a Happy Meal at lunchtime than to let him eat the cafeteria burger. USA Today reports that the meat the USDA supplies for school lunches is below the standards of fast food restaurants.

In the past three years, the government has provided the nation's schools with millions of pounds of beef and chicken that wouldn't meet the quality or safety standards of many fast-food restaurants, from Jack in the Box and other burger places to chicken chains such as KFC, a USA TODAY investigation found.
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Yesterday, I told you about a special episode of Iron Chef America that Michelle Obama will be appearing on. I think it will be all fun, but Obama Foodorama has a different take on it. They wonder since two of the celebrity chefs on the episode are “as round as Christmas hams” if the program will undermine the White House nutrition message.

It can't be overlooked that Batali and Lagasse--by anyone's estimation--are overweight, and the question is, how big of a problem could this be? For a First Lady running a high-profile health and nutrition campaign, which has as a critical component reducing the nation's out-of-control obesity epidemic among children and adults, it's an odd fit to be welcoming these chefs to the White House. 
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Serious Eats has a gift guide to what they think are the Ten Best Cookbooks of 2009. There are quite a few books on the list that will appeal to sustainable foodies.

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Here on MNN, we’ve got an informational article on the bisephenol-A that is found in so many plastics. You might be surprised to find out where else it’s being found.

Plastic has made a lot of things possible in the past century, proving so durable and versatile that people were soon taking it everywhere with them. In fact, there's a good chance you have some plastic in you right now.
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Enjoy your weekend!

Image: Matt Callow

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