WijnIdee is reporting that plastic wine bottles are becoming more popular for wines that don’t require aging. Why the switch from glass to plastic? Because plastic bottles weigh less than glass bottles, it costs the wine companies less to ship them and less CO2 emissions are created during the shipping.

Plastic bottles are increasingly used for packaging wines that are ment for quick consumption. Since 2006, the Australian wine giant Wolff Blass sells several of its cheaper wines in bottles made from recycled PET (polyethylene).
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One of my go-to recipe websites, Allrecipes, has ten ideas for $10 or under. These are all foods that you can feed a family.

Splurge on a few ingredients; penny-pinch on others. Striking that balance makes it easy to be creative while feeding a family of four.
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Over on the Wasted Food blog, we find out about three things that Twitter can tell us about food waste.

Let’s begin by agreeing for the moment that Twitter conversation is a blunt but decent stand-in for national sentiment on the issues of the day. With that premise as a backdrop, I took an informal look at how the Twitterati prioritize food waste by comparing the volume of tweets that used various keywords. I can summarize my research in three points:
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Finally, on a blog that I have recently discovered, Change.org’s Fair Trade blog, they are asking us to tell Hershey, Mars and Nestle to stop child labor.

It's the season of chocolate and flowers with Valentine's Day just around the corner and the Fair Trade blog has been doing it's part to shed some light on the injustices that continue to go on in both industries and offering ethical alternatives.

The chocolate industry has been making lofty promises to fair up their practices, particularly around ending child labor in the industry.

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