It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.

Oh no! Times Online reports that The Ministry of Health in France has “made alcohol one of the chief villains in a drive against cancer.” They are discouraging the French from drinking wine!

With gloom all around, President Sarkozy’s Government might have chosen another moment for its latest campaign. This one tells the French people to stop drinking wine.

To the anger of the drinks industry and disbelief of many patriots, the Ministry of Health has made alcohol one of the chief villains in a drive against cancer.

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Business Green reports that the city of Atlanta is going waste-free with its downtown district.

The EPA is working with a collection of local organisations to introduce a waste-free zone in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Recycles, the Green Foodservice Alliance, and the Pollution Prevention Assistance Division of the Department of Natural Resources are collaborating to remove food waste from the city's downtown area. It already has pledges from more than 10 participants, including the Hyatt Regency and the Georgia World Congress Center, to recycle spent grease and to compost or donate waste food, according to the EPA. 

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Endless Simmer does The Oscars their way with a tribute to the Top 10 Movie Food Moments.

Another year, another Oscars ceremony coming up, and still no category for Best Use of Food In a Motion Picture. Where is the justice? Ever since the great Charlie Chaplin made a couple of dinner rolls dance in The Gold Rush, food has elevated the cinema to its greatest moments. From James Cagney taking out his aggression on a grapefruit to Willy Wonka’s fantasy land of sweets, food has helped film portray the full range of human emotions. So instead of watching 4 hours of Hollywood self-congratulation this weekend, spend a few minutes checking out the Top 10 Movie Food Moments.
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And, if you’re really into The Oscars, and you're planning an Oscar party in your home this weekend, EcoKind has ideas for greening your party, including the food.

Even the Oscars are going green, so if you haven’t greened your Oscar party yet, it’s definitely time!

You’ve got your dress, suit or tux either, from the back of your closet, from your nearest second use store, or green fashion designer.  Now it’s time to pull the party decor and ambiance together, as well as get food for your buffet!

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Image: Matt Callow 

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