Happy Earth Day! Today is set aside for celebrating the earth, but it’s a Tuesday and many of us have to do what we do every Tuesday – work, take care of family, make meals, drive kids to music lessons or sports practice, take older parents to doctor’s appointments – in short, things that keep us inside of buildings and inside of cars.

Many communities have started celebrating Earth Day either the weekend before or after April 22 if the day doesn’t fall on a weekend, and the actual Earth Day becomes just another day. That’s fine because there’s nothing magical about April 22. We should be taking care of Mother Nature every day in as many ways as we can.

While today isn't magical, it would be good to get outside, even just for a minute, breathe and notice the beauty around you. To encourage people to do this, the Nature Conservancy is asking people to connect with nature by taking a #NatureSelfie.

Ideally, it would be great to go someplace like a park or nature trail, but like I said, for many of us it’s a regular old Tuesday. You may only have the time to go outside for a few minutes, find a tree or some flowers, and take a photo with them.

That’s what I did this morning. That’s me in the photo above, soon after waking up with smudgy eyeliner from yesterday, standing in front of the honeysuckle vines that crawl up and down my fence. I love those vines when they flower and make my entire back yard smell sweet. I get a kick out of watching my boys suck the drops of sweetness out of them, just like I did with the honeysuckle flowers in the back yard of the home I grew up on.

That’s about all the outside time I have today - at least until much later. My editorial calendar is full. I have a lot of writing to do. But, it was a great way to start my morning – outside for a few minutes, hearing the birds, seeing the bunnies run across the lawn, and looking at all the blooming plants in my backyard trying to decide which one to take the #NatureSelfie in front of. I think I’ll do it more often (with or without the selfie).

If taking a selfie is what gets you outside for a few minutes today to notice the nature around you, I say go for it. Take a selfie. Post it to social media if you want to and use the hashtag. Wish everyone a Happy Earth Day while you’re at it.

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Get out in nature and take a #NatureSelfie this Earth Day
If nothing else, taking a picture of yourself in nature for Earth Day will get you outside.