I’ve been busy freezing the bounty from my small herb garden with Frozen Herb Starters, but my frozen cubes of chives, basil, cilantro and other herbs won’t take me all the way to next spring. I’ll grow some fresh herbs on my windowsill so I can snip and cook with them whenever I want.

Herbs can be expensive to buy, especially when you need only a few tablespoons of a specific herb. You generally have to buy a large bunch and most of it is likely to go bad before you need the herb again. But the good news is that herbs are inexpensive and easy to grow.

Fix.com has a helpful infographic with tips for creating an indoor herb garden in your kitchen, including information on which herbs thrive better indoors than others.

Source: Fix.com

I especially like the idea of hanging pots from a tension rod in a sunny window. It keeps the pots off the windowsill where they can get knocked down by pets. Plus, I think it would be attractive to have pots hanging in front of the window.

When I grow herbs indoors over the winter, I always plant them in late spring where the established plants always thrive outdoors. I then start new herbs indoors in the fall. I don’t know if this is necessary, but it works for me.

Do you grow herbs indoors? Which ones grow the best for you?

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Getting ready for fall: Plant an indoor herb garden
With a sunny window and a little planning ahead, you can have fresh herbs all year round.