California is trying to get foods made with them labeled. WalMart is going to start selling corn grown from them. Kashi was recently skewered by consumers for using them in its natural products. I’m talking about GMO’s, GE’s or Frankenfoods — foods that are grown from seeds that have been genetically altered. (A little trivia: Frankenfood was recently added to the Oxford dictionary.)


These foods and the seeds that create them are all over the news lately. Here are a few GMO headlines that you might be interested in reading over the weekend.


  • Which foods are most likely to contain GMOs? Since they aren’t labeled, it’s tough to tell, but Nation of Change has created the Top 10 GMO foods. If you’re familiar with GMOs, it won’t surprise you that corn is number one, but the foods at numbers nine and 10 were quite surprising to me.
  • A lot of that GMO corn gets used to create ethanol. With the drought decimating much of corn crop this year, 26 senators are urging the EPA to cut the ethanol mandate that requires about 40 percent of corn produced to go towards ethanol. Instead, Ecowatch reports, they want that corn made available for livestock feed.
  • Why doesn’t the food lobby want foods made with GMOs to be labeled as such? Eat Drink Better has a passionate piece about why the lobby screams, “Nooo!” and wants the GMO labeling initiative to die.
  • One of the many problems with GMO seeds is that they frequently cross-pollinate with seeds that aren’t genetically modified, even though the farmers who planted the non-GMO seed don’t want that to happen. Food Safety News reports that Oregon’s Department of Agriculture is closing off half of the Willamette Valley's 3.7 million acres to all canola to protect specialty seeds from potential cross contamination.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

GMO's are a hot topic
Whether you call them genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically engineered (GE) food or Frankenfoods, food made from seeds that have been altered are g