A new publication from Food Tank and The James Beard Foundation has taught me something: I am far from familiar with all of the organizations in my state that are working to make our food system better.

The Good Food Org Guide highlights both national and state nonprofit organizations that are doing exemplary work “in the areas of food and agriculture, nutrition and health, hunger and obesity, and food justice.” The purpose of the publication is to focus on the organizations (listed in alphabetical order) that are working “in fields, kitchens, classrooms, laboratories, businesses, town halls, and Congress to create a better food system.”

I’d say the guide is achieving its purpose. Of the seven organizations listed in my home state of New Jersey, I’m familiar with only one of them. I now have some research to do on six organizations that I was unfamiliar with.

I picked up a copy of the guide at the conference I attended earlier this week, but anyone can get a free PDF of the Good Food Org Guide on Scribed. The guide is organized first by national organizations and then state-by-state with at least five organizations highlighted in each state.

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Good Food Org Guide: Meet the nonprofits cultivating a better food system where you live
Food Tank and The James Beard Foundation have released the first annual guide that celebrates more than 400 U.S.-based groups.