I love food and I love learning about how new media, especially social media, is changing our culture. When Allrecipes sends me this monthly Measuring Cup report, I’m all over it because it usually combines the two together.

This month’s report came in the form of an infographic, and the information about organic and artisan foods, fast food from the grocery store, and using mobile devices to assist with shopping is worth sharing.

I find the information in Insight #5 about grocery discounts and coupons very interesting because it’s broken down for specific age groups. The younger generations are much more likely than the older ones to use technology to take advantage of discounts.

With companies increasingly turning to social media to promote their brands and offer discounts, it seems like the older generation is missing out on quite a bit of grocery savings. Perhaps there’s an opportunity here for someone to create some sort of business centered around teaching those 65 and up how to find deals on the Internet. Just a thought that went through my head as I was looking at the information.

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