One of the things I love about living in Portland is the food scene. While we are a busy family with young children, we still like to eat out occasionally. So we were excited to hear about Harlow, a new restaurant here in Portland on Hawthorne.

Harlow is dedicated to organic, earth-friendly food. It's a great place to eat if you are a vegetarian or vegan, are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, or love smoothies or fresh juice. They even have a fair selection of raw foods. While I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, I really appreciate the purity of their ingredients, and the yum factor of their many delicious sauces. (They do serve “farm fresh eggs” and offer butter with some dishes, but most dishes are vegan-friendly.)

We have now eaten at Harlow’s several times, and have been impressed with the colorful dishes they serve. For example, the favorite dish I have gotten there was this raw food platter. It was very flavorful and delicious. You see below a Thai collard wrap, a zucchini noodle dish, raw yam rice, raw soup, and delicious salad with homemade dressing.

Another item that we love are their rice or quinoa bowls, which is what I make at home a lot. They have very flavorful ingredients and sauces. Even their simple, yet flavorful, bean chili features a sauce and comes with a side of quinoa. (Pictured below).

My dad got this beautiful curry rice noodle and vegetable dish that had a very flavorful ginger and pineapple sauce, I believe.

Now, this restaurant is not going to be great for those who love plain and simple American style food. One family member found out we were going there for dinner and asked if we thought he’d like it. We had to honestly say that we didn’t think he would. That’s not because we don’t think the food is good – we enjoy it. But it’s not going to be up everyone’s alley, especially those who love traditional American food (or who don't think it's a meal without meat). 

Another plus for the restaurant for me is that they make their own house-made hazelnut milk and use it in a variety of beverages. I love that this “milk” is free of the additions that store-bought milk has. I also really appreciate that several of their smoothie and juice recipes are fruit free! 

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